We buy your silver 

Are you looking to sell silver jewellery or even broken/damaged silver items in Eastbourne? Our very experienced antique dealers offer a free valuation service. Find out more about us.


The Eastbourne Antiques Centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex (close to Hailsham) offer London prices for silver, whether it’s a set of silver coffee spoons or a 5 piece silver tea set on a tray. If the items are in a saleable condition, we will of course pay more than the scrap value. We do also buy scrap silver – why not get in touch today?

Since the year 1300, hallmarking for silver became law in England, this was brought in by Edward the 2nd, at that time silver was the currency standard in England and a £1 sterling had the equivalent value of 1 pound in weight of silver. Values have changed since then but hallmarking hasn’t, it is still the law of the land that silver items must be hallmarked.

Hallmarks denote where, when and who made the silver or gold item. There are usually four marks; The Lion Rampant – denoting it’s made in England, a town symbol, ie anchor or crown, and a letter to denote the manufacture date and the fourth will be the maker’s mark. You can find out more about these marks at www.silvermakersmarks.co.uk

Please be aware that when you sell silver, as with gold, prices fluctuate on a day-to-day basis and we pay the maximum we can as calculated on the London fixing.

Our Antiques Centre is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, close to Hailsham. Please feel free to come down and have a browse, or if you’d like to sell silver, gold, platinum or antique items, please contact us.

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