We Buy and Sell Clocks in East Sussex

Have you got a mechanical or antique clock to sell? Eastbourne Antiques Centre, near Hailsham in East Sussex, has over 20 years of experience valuing, repairing, buying and selling clocks of all types and from various decades and periods

Free Valuation

The Eastbourne Antiques Centre prides itself in the on-going collection of diverse clocks. So if are selling your clock, we will be interested in purchasing single clocks or whole collections. Please get in touch.

Do you know? Clocks are and have been an important part of society right back to the sundial, the hourglass and water time measuring instruments. The first mechanical clocks appeared around 1300 ad in Europe and with the invention of the mainspring in the 1500s improved rapidly and became more accurate with the advent of new escapements and materials. Mantel clocks, wall clocks carriage clocks longcase clocks with all different shapes, sizes and movements have adorned palaces and normal homes alike.

Of course, today everything is digital and extremely accurate, so the clocks of yesteryear are mostly collector’s pieces.

As well as buying, we also sell many clocks, so please come down to our centre to have a browse. We are based in Eastbourne town centre in East Sussex, about 10 minutes from Hailsham. All of our clocks are bench tested and serviced.

Horology is the art and/or science of measuring time.

Clock Repairs

We repair all kinds of clocks – with the most competitive prices in the area.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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