If you are looking to sell platinum in Eastbourne, we are highly experienced valuers and will always give you a fair price for platinum jewellery and other platinum items.

Our experienced dealers offer free valuations and are based at our centre in Eastbourne town centre in East Sussex, not far from Hailsham. Find out more about us. Please ask about us visiting you at home if that is more convenient for you.

Although Platinum is considered a new metal in its present form, it has a long history. Ancient Egyptians and pre columbian indian civilisations already valued it as a very important element. The name platinum was given by the Spanish ‘Platina’, who paradoxically considered platinum a nuisance for them when mining for gold. Only at the end of the nineteenth century were the complex techniques available for the production of platinum, moreover the high melting points of platinum make it difficult to work with. During the 20th century and up until today, the use of platinum in fine jewellery has risen tremendously. Platinum is normally found in two grades, 95% pure and 99% pure and is marked accordingly.

As with gold and silver the price fluctuates daily and we do buy scrap platinum, but also any items made from it such as rings, brooches and earrings – especially jewellery from the art deco period.

We also buy gold, silver, antique items and furniture, collectables and more. Please do contact our friendly antique specialists for more information. You’re very welcome to visit Eastbourne Antiques Centre to browse our antiques and collectables or have a chat with our valuers.

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