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Antique furniture is an expression of so many generations of styles trends and master cabinet makers. The earliest usable and collectable furniture on the market today is almost always made of oak and early pieces can date back as far as the reign of Henry Vlll. Followed by the Jacobean era which lasted well into the 1600s oak still remained the major wood for furniture but of course trends and designs were ever changing even back then.

Towards the mid 17th century other woods such as pine willow ash etc were more widely used in country furniture but not really catching on in the City.

Come the 18th century we see the advent of mahogany walnut and rosewood all becoming more popular and the techniques of veneering inlay and marquetry improving tremendously.

Famous cabinet makers emerge Chippendale Sherston and Hepplewhite to name but a few.

Come the regency period of straight lines and Greek revival this passed soon onto the Victoria’s who loved their carving. The Edwardian period showed us a return the geometric influence of Greek and Romania revival which was most pronounced in the art deco times between the wars. Let’s not forget art and Crafts and Art Nouveau the back to nature movements of the late 19th century.

Today we have trade in all kinds of furniture right up until the modern day but one thing remains the same for all periods, be it a piece from 1590 or 1990, the best quality is always desirable.

At the Eastbourne Antiques Centre near Hailsham in East Sussex, we have a selection of antique furniture for sale from many different periods. We are always most interested to purchase single pieces or complete estates.

Did you know that antique furniture is natural recycling at it’s best?

We offer a comprehensive furniture restoration service at unbeatable prices. Ask us for a quote!

We often have antique furniture for sale and we also buy antique furniture. Our Antique Centre is based in Eastbourne Town Centre, near Hailsham in East Sussex. Please contact our friendly antique dealers for any questions you may have.

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