Selling your Antiques?

If you’re selling antiques, collectables and furniture, Eastbourne Antiques Centre can offer you a genuine and fair price. Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex (near Hailsham), our antique dealers are highly experienced in buying and selling antiques of all types, from furniture and ornaments to jewellery and clocks. Find out more about us.

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Paul Klein at Eastbourne Antiques Centre has been buying and selling antiques for over 20 years. For more information or for a FREE valuation on your antiques, please contact us.

We are always on the lookout for antique, militaria and vintage articles. We buy single items or purchase whole estates. As well as buying and selling antiques, we also buy and sell gold, silver, luxury watches and more. Why not pop down and have a browse? We are located in Eastbourne town centre in East Sussex, not far from Hailsham.
So how does one define Antiques?

Well on paper it refers to any items made over 100 years ago, however we also have Antiquities which applies to ancient civilisations such as the Romans or Greeks. Generally, most of what we find here in the UK doesn’t very often precede 1600, although sometimes jewellery or silver items turn up that are older. Mostly we are trading items between 1750 George ll and 1939, denoting more or less the end of the art deco period.

Most distinctive is the furniture denoting the different periods shown in style choice of woods and intricacy. A Jacobean oak chair, although rather valuable, is a simple piece compared to a Chippendale chair compared to a late Victorian inlaid credenza. These very different styles and workmanship allow us to date furniture reasonably accurately. So antiques are really not any more than the history of our previous generations, which really includes everything from art to copper kitchen utensils, from furniture to jewellery and from clothing to ceramics and so much more.

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