The Eastbourne Antiques Centre is a family business run by antique buyers and gold traders Paul and Bianca Klein. The Centre includes over 20 professional traders dealing in and offering a wide selection of antiques and collectables. Based in Eastbourne town centre in East Sussex, it opened in 2011 and quickly grew to accommodate over 40 cabinets selling everything from bronze figures to taxidermy, coins to militaria and diamond rings to tea sets.

Our highly experienced staff and antique buyers are on hand to offer you their expert advice whilst also working hard to ensure that all of the needs of our customers are fully met. We are open six days a week, so whether you are a serious collector, trade dealer, just looking for that illusive one off gift, you need a valuation or to sell some items, please visit us first – we’d love to help. We pride ourselves on being the busiest antique buyers and antiques centre in the South East!

How do we buy and sell gold at the best rates in Eastbourne?

How do our gold and antique buyers do it? Why do people always come back to us?

  • We’ve developed unique relationships with gold dealers in London over a long period. This enables us to give you the most competitive price for your gold
  • With our vast experience we will give you sound advice on your best options
  • The gold is weighed in front of you, so you can trust our dealers with the price they quote


About Our Antique Buyers

Paul’s father was an estate agent and auctioneer, so Paul grew up surrounded by antiques. His passion and decades of experience in this business, led him to settle in Eastbourne and open his own centre for antique buyers and sellers.

You may recognise Paul from TV, he has been an antiques buyer and dealer in a number of antiques hunt and auction style programmes.

The most expensive items the shop has is diamond jewellery. The rarest item the shop has discovered is a late 19th century Swiss Polyphon with 25 discs in mint condition.

One of Paul’s favourite items that he traded was a very large French bronze, ormolu and marble mantle clock, made in Paris by Picard and Hublain.

Paul’s specialist areas are jewellery and silver items, while Paul’s wife, Bianca, specialises in good quality vintage and antique silver jewellery.

Not only does Paul sell items, he is also well travelled antiques buyer. He sources locally but also travels the world locating items of interest. He has many contacts across the globe that he can trade with. This network enables him to source accurate historical information and gain competitive prices for items you may want to sell.

Specialist Antique Buyers in Eastbourne

Eastbourne Antique Centre has the largest collection of antique, vintage and 2nd hand jewellery outside of London. Some of the cabinets in the Antiques Centre currently specialise in:

Cabinet 33 – Jewellery and Object D’art – Robert
Cabinet 57 – Jewellery and collectables – Avril
Cabinet 65 – Militaria and Scientific instruments – Paul
Cabinet 10 – Amber specialist – Angela
Cabinet 66 – Meissen and Continental porcelain – Rudi
Cabinet 64 – Dress jewellery – Michael
Cabinet 15 – Tin plate and other toys – Robert
Cabinet 44 & 44a – Silver jewellery – Sue
Cabinet 32 – O Gauge specialist and military medals – Brian
Cabinet 29 & 57 – Silver and glass – Clive
Cabinet 2 & 3 – Royal Dalton, Moorcroft and antique cameras – Alan
Cabinet 31 – Coin specialist – Nick
Cabinet 24 & 25 – Toy specialist – Graham

Like all good collectors, Paul buys more than he sells. He is currently expanding the shop in Terminus Road to be able to display more furniture and accommodate larger cabinets for his specialists. Please make sure you pop in soon to find that elusive toy from your childhood or that 1 last missing piece from the silver cutlery set you’ve been seeking for 45 years.

Why choose the Eastbourne Antique Centre?

• Extensive selection of items available
• Friendly and helpful antique buyers and dealers
• The gold is weighed in front of you
• Cabinet rental available (we are pleased to advise you)
• We purchase gold, silver, jewellery and antiques (Please see our gallery)
• Open 6 days a week
• Highly professional service
• Free valuations given
* Price is ‘Up to’ and is affected by market fluctuations.

For more information about the services we offer, or to speak to us in person, give us a call today on 01323 730519.


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