We will pay more for gold, jewellery and antiques than anywhere else in Eastbourne!

Not only do our gold buyers in Eastbourne want your damaged or broken gold items, we are also very interested to purchase diamond and gem set jewellery.

Ways to book your FREE valuation

You can either:

*We buy and sell GOLD at the best rates in Eastbourne*

How do we do it? Find out more about us

We weigh and value your items in your presence so you know that you are getting the fairest and most correct price.

If in doubt, our gold buyers can electronically test all precious metals and all gemstones to be able to guarantee their authenticity.

Our reputation for honesty and fairness, as well as prompt cash payment, is undisputed in the area and many of our clients have come to us through recommendation.

We have years of experience and long-established relationships with melters in London – giving us the ability to offer you the best price. So don’t forget to visit us if you are looking for gold buyers in Eastbourne.

Do you know? There are more than six grades of jewellery gold starting with 8 carat all the way up to 22 carat gold. Pure gold is rated as 24 carat and anything less than this has a percentage of base metals, i.e copper or zinc meted in with the gold.

Do you know? Gold was, until the 1980’s, the basis of our currency values (Bretton Woods system). It ceased to be a monetary standard during this period and for most countries in the world became a commodity just like other metals. China and India buy the most gold for jewellery, but the largest stockpile of gold is in the United States – over 8,000 tonnes!

Eastbourne Antiques Centre is based in the centre of Eastbourne in East Sussex, close to Hailsham. Please do come down to see our gold buyers or contact us for more information.

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