Sell gold now?

Sell gold now?

Should I sell now or shouldn’t l? So many people ask themselves this question and seem then to reason with themselves about gold going up or down.

At the Eastbourne Antiques Centre we can answer these questions for you because we take the time to professionally study the trends in the gold market and can ascertain good or bad times for our most precious metal.

Right now gold is at the highest it has been since 2011, where the historical highest rate of £1,188 per troy ounce was recorded. This morning the £1,000 barrier was broken so in answer to your question YES it is an excellent time and opportunity to sell right now.

Will it go up further? Well so many factors play an important role in the price development of precious metals be it political economical or natural factors so we think that it’s a very good idea to take advantage of what we have now.

Come in and be pleasantly surprised by the value of your gold silver and jewellery.

  • We take the hard work out if your selling.
  • We always pay the top prices.
  • We always weigh your items in front of you
  • We always explain the difference between the gold quality and how we arrive and the price we are offering.

Would you settle for less?